2022-2023 Virginia General Assembly

Report Card

Our Goal: Informed Citizens

The Family Foundation Action General Assembly Report Card is designed to disclose important legislator votes and present an opportunity for citizens to compare their state legislators’ voting records. With this analysis, citizens can make informed decisions at the polls and be well prepared to lobby and work with elected officials. Covering a wide range of issues, this publication helps citizens hold representatives accountable—illustrating their worldview as it pertains to values issues.

What is a Family Focused Bill?

  • A bill must relate to the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government, or religious liberty.
  • A bill must substantially benefit, or harm, the families in Virginia.
  • Only family-focused bills are included in this report.
  • In this report, wherever possible, the most recent or final vote on a piece of legislation was used.
  • Bill co-patrons were also scored for bills that only received committee votes.

What is the Pro-Family Score?

The pro-family score is an easy to compare number that represents the percentage of votes a legislator voted pro-family on family focused bills.

The score is determined by dividing the
number of pro-family votes a legislator
cast, by the total number of family focused votes the legislator took in 2018-2019, and multiplying the result by 100.

Prefer the Printed Report Card?

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