Family Focused Bills

House and Senate Bills

Senate Only Bills

House Only Bills

NumberTitleBillYearBill DescriptionPro-Family PositionHouseSenateLegislative Result
1Repeal Abortion RestrictionsHB 980 / SB 7332020Repealed the requirement that only physicians perform abortions; informed consent, including viewing an ultrasound and hearing the fetal heartbeat; the 24-hour wait period between the ultrasound and abortion, and eliminates all the health and safety regulations for abortion centers.Oppose53Y - 45N20Y-20NLaw
2"Equal Rights" AmendmentHJ 1 / SJ 12020Made Virginia the 38th state to ratify the "Equal Rights Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution, which if recognized, would lead to unrestricted abortions. Oppose58Y - 42N27Y - 12NPassed House and Senate
3Polygamous MarriagesSJ 270/ HJ 5822021Begins the process of amending the state constitution to replace current man-woman recognition with language that recognizes any arrangements, with no limit on number of spouses.Oppose60 Y-37N24Y-12NPassed House and Senate
4"Gender -Transition" SurgeriesHB 14292020Prohibits a health carrier from denying or limiting coverage for "transgender" medical treatments and surgeries for patients, including minors.Oppose54Y-42N22Y-18NLaw
5"Cultural Competency" TrainingHB 5812020Requires LGBTQ cultural competency indoctrination training for all public employees.Oppose53Y-45N22Y-18NLaw
6Forced Compliance with LGBTQ+ IdeologySB 8682020Forces all businesses and faith-based entities to comply with nondiscrimination policies regarding employment, public accommodations, housing, etc., on the basis of SOGI or be subject to lawsuits and monetary penalties.Oppose54Y-46N27Y-13NLaw
7Public School Transgender PoliciesHB 145 / SB 1612020Requires the Department of Education to develop model policies concerning the treatment of "transgender" students in public elementary and secondary schools, and every school board to adopt them.Oppose 60Y-40N22Y-18NLaw
8Talk Therapy BanHB 386 / SB 2452020Prohibits any licensed health professional from providing restorative talk therapy to minors with unwanted sexual desires or confusion.Oppose62Y-35N 22Y - 18NLaw
9Vaccine Religious ExemptionHB 5005 Amend. / SB 5015 Amend.2020§Prevented the Health Commissioner from mandating a vaccine during a declared health emergency for people who have religious objections. Support54Y - 43N^19Y - 20N-1A†Failed in House and Senate
10Prohibit Teen Sex Text lineHB 5005 Amend. / SB 1235 2020§ / 2021Prohibited the Va. Dept. of Health or any entities it contracts with from initiating communication with minors regarding sex, sexuality, STDs, etc., without the parents' knowledge or consent.Support55Y-43N^20Y-19N†Both failed in House
11Parental Access to Sex Education MaterialsHB 13942020Requires Family Life Education curriculum to be made available to parents through an online parent portal. Support 93Y-1N39Y-1NLaw
12Require In-person SchoolingSB 13032021Required public school divisions to offer parents the option of in-person or virtual learning for their child immediately during the 2020-21 school year.Support51Y-47N^8Y-7NFailed in House and Senate?
13"Nanny State" BillsHB 1864 and HB 2032 / SB 13102021Expands the definition of employer under the Va. Human Rights Act to include anyone who hires just one domestic service employee, such as a nanny or tutor, and empowers the government to conduct home inspections.Oppose55Y-45N21Y-18NLaw
14Workplace "Harassment"HB 2155/SB 13602021Expanded the definition of workplace and sexual harassment to include direct/indirect and verbal/nonverbal interactions even outside the physical workplace and on social media. Oppose55Y-45N20Y-18N†?Failed in Senate Judiciary
15Executive Order LimitationsHB 5005 Amend. / SB 5015 Amend.2020§Limited duration of an executive order during a declared state of emergency until the General Assembly takes action to 60 (House version) or 90 (Senate version) days.Support55Y-43N^19-Y 20-N 1-A† Failed in House and Senate
16Virginia Green New DealHB 1526 / SB 8512020Establishes a schedule by which electric companies can only use energy sources derived from sunlight or wind by 2050. Oppose54-Y 45-N 1-A22-Y 18-NLaw
17Casino GamblingHB 4 / SB 362020Authorizes casino gaming in up to five localities in Virginia to be regulated by the Virginia Lottery Board.Oppose60Y-35N 27Y-12NLaw
18Sports BettingHB 896 / SB 3842020Authorizes sports betting in Virginia, except for betting on amateur sports and Virginia collegiate athletics.Oppose61Y - 35N 29Y - 8NLaw
19Marijuana CommercializationHB 2312/SB 14062021Legalizes marijuana for adult recreational use, expunges certain criminal records, and commercializes the sale and cultivation of marijuana by January 1, 2024.Oppose48Y-43N-1A20Y-19NLaw
20Conscience Clause for Adoption AgenciesHB 19322021Repealed religious conscience protections for faith-based child placement agencies that allowed them to operate without having to abandon their core principles that marriage is between a man and a woman.Oppose53Y-44NFailed in Senate Rehab. & Soc. Services
21Prohibit Forced Fetal ReductionsSB 9202020Prohibited any surrogacy contract clause from requiring an abortion or "selective reduction."Support40Y-0NPassed Senate

^Correct vote was “Nay.” ◊Correct vote was “Yea” to defeat. SS = Special Session. 2021 = Includes bills from both the Regular and Special Session

* The votes cast for making in-person schooling aviable for the 2020-21 school year were used instead of the final version which is a more limited option and will not be available until the 2021-2022 school year.